Beer etc - Appselo LLC With "Beer etc" you can quickly look up information on bottled beers, including their ratings, and save your own impressions in a flexible format. The app comes with a database, so it works offline. When online, your notes can be optionally backed up on a server.
  • Database with 74670 beers
  • Search-as-you-type lookup by name or brewery
  • Personalized predictions based on your taste
  • Search by location of the brewery
  • Personal annotations with a 1-5 rating, tags, and text
  • Optionally, backed up annotations available from an RSS feed

  • Why should I store my rating on your server?

    To generate personalized predictions we need to have access to your ratings.
  • How many beers do I need to rate in order to have truly personalized predictions?

    We recommend to have at least 20 beers rated, but the more beers you rate the better predictions are generated by the system
  • Could you import my beers that I already rated from another site/app?

    Right now this is not possible, but stay tuned.
  • I'd like to propose a new feature/better work flow/etc. What should I do?

    Write to as at support (at)
If you have questions, encounter problems with the app, or need technical support of any kind, please feel free to send us an email message to support (at) Thank you!
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